artist view

                                                                              Pulp Factory 

Pulp factory is a home studio, nestled in the China town -Makum, in Assam. The studio is born to integrate new design thinking with traditional art and craft forms in and around the world. Pulp Factory resonates Responsible design. The studio believes in making the process and product non toxic and healthy by using natural adhesive, natural colours, no-voc varnishes and paints.

Papier mache is a french name for chewed up paper, which was discovered in China, as a process of re-using the leftover material after papermaking.

The aim of the studio is to bring back paper mache into mainstream product line, demonstarting its versatile and strong nature, which has been under-estimated by many around. Paper  is the connerstone of the studio, when juxtaposed with other material it exercises rethinking of the "old-new material". All products are dilligently and carefully handcrafted by the artist, into individual unique pieces.